Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey, how was your day?

Well let's see....I googled myself, an embarrassingly narcissistic habit and found an article composed about me that was a derivative from a factual article. The article I found was full of nonsense, lies and lots of other haberdashery ( I just love this word for all manner of nonsense and ridiculousness even though that isn't what it means). I called the managing editor of this newspaper in Utah who called me back and told me they would remove the article from their website but he politely informed me that the story was picked up from a national syndicate, i.e. the writer of this fictional mess wasn't employed by his paper. Of course I'm also faced with the reality that this story was likely picked up by several other papers. Adding the insult to injury is the fact that this was done 12 years ago so my efforts to get to the bottom of this defaming article which depicted me as a high school loser has just gotten more difficult but fear not Mr. Peter Vilbig, I will find you. How dare you quote me from a conversation that never took place! Shame on you sir, he who calls himself a writer..a reporter even. What have you reported but lies. This is NOT over.

In other news my job ended today and my trunk is almost empty; void of the things that I've carried around for the past 2 1/2 years in my sales job. Sweet glorious disaster. Yummy decadent beginnings. Earth shattering dismally calming change. This is my life.

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