Sunday, January 11, 2009


I am acutely aware of the Dave Matthews Band but that hasn't made me fall in love but if you really love music --- music in general--- you can find something you like from any great band (the term great being relative of course). Well maybe great isn't relative......well that's an entirely different animal. My point is that this band that people fawn over has garnered my attention. Crash into Me. sOOOOO friggin sexy, you just want to dance out of your clothes and sip wine while blanketed by the sky. definitely has the makings of a sexy night in catalyst.

In other news, now that I'm unemployed and unemployment pays crap i feel a little freaked. This is an opportunity for me to expand my horizons stopping my endless quest for more..........although I have the urge. Spring make up collections are coming out. Spring jackets are hitting the shelves. Ugh! 2009 will be interesting indeed.

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