Monday, April 5, 2010

And So The Story Goes...

Breaking up is hard to do. If you havent been there, let me tell you its gut wrenching. When my engagement broke off and the subsequent nonsense fuckery took place I was thrown for the world's biggest loop. The reason I'm bringing this up is because on Saturday I went out with friends, two of which have recently broken up. Before we went I asked both of them seperately if they would be able to go out together. I received a yes from both parties. Now I'm not going to get into their story but lets just say things got pretty heated and loud at our table and spilled out into the streets as a crowd ensued. I was mortified.  I mean I can understand tensions running high and break-ups making you do crazy things but this shit got personal, with sexual secrets being shouted on a crowded Brooklyn street with throngs of night life party goers in the mix. I was disappointed but I'm also sad. They are both hurting and I KNOW how hard saying goodbye is, especially when you're saying it to the person you thought you'd spend your forever with. Hmph...that was my Saturday night into Sunday.

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