Wednesday, March 24, 2010


There's a certain magic inherent in spontaneity. Going to a new bar and having one of the best times, peeling off your Neo-Whimsical because you have to try Suzi Says Feng Sui (LOVE THIS), and cutting your hair until its gone. When I began the hair cutting process I certainly didn't forsee it going this far but I should have known because the scissors and I have a strange relationship. My hair is uber short now and as of a few moments ago, I've taken it down to there's nothing more to do territory. It was just too weird in some places and the more I cut the more I was willing to. Heat damage be damned. My face is fatter than ever because I am and I've never had my hair this short with the super wide face but honey, ain't no turning back. I don't have any photo's of the journey's end but I do have some of the road that lead to here. My story in pictures, take two:

The last photo was taken right before the final cut. Every once in a while its good to start anew. Deuces.

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