Sunday, March 28, 2010

Get Fresh Crew

Yes, the Get Fresh Crew was Dougie Fresh and his boys but this spring I'm all about protecting my fresh and as a freshness protector, I've invested in a few things.

Bobbi Brown Beach Sunscreen Body Spray
photo courtesy of Polyvore

I was leaving my Lancome Make-Up Class when I swung by the Bobbi B. counter. Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy. I've found love and it has SPF15. This will be a great alternative to Carol's Daughter Geleil Browning Oil...but who am I kidding. Beach is everything right now. Smells like sensual heaven. *side bar* is it possible that Ms. Brown is selling the world's smallest lipgloss? I vote yes.

Best Dressed Color Sensationel Eye Shadow

photo courtesy of Polyvore

I love this color. It is gorgeous, over and understated and a great accompaniment to Rollickin, which has been on a permanent hiatus. I have yet to find a Lancome shadow (or mascara) that I didn't like. They are definitely worth more than a passing glance. I also managed to pick up Hypnose (passed on drama) and as usual, I'm feeling the love. And the Lancome Make-Up Class experience wasn't bad either. I let my makeup artist do as she pleased and I was rewarded with Best Dressed. My look was totally not a Saturday afternoon look for me but I rocked the hell out of it. I also got to try the Oscilation foundation which was ok. I'm definitely not the foundation girl. Most days, I am delighted to wear just my Mineralize SkinFinish Natural.

Now go forth and protect your fresh.

Oh and uhhh, ya...I know I swore that I wouldn't (mostly to myself) but I bought a pair a clogs. Please forgive as I've already forgiven myself.

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