Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Short Term Luxury

I AM NOT a lipstick fan but when I see a luxurious lipstick that seems whimsical and fantastic, I just have to have it. My recent purchase was YSL Rouge Volupte in Sweet Honey. I was looking for a simple nude lip that was low maintainence. I was instantly in love with the packaging. Way beyond the loveliness of the gloss, the lipstick SCREAMS luxury. Admittedly, I have to apply it lightly, lest I look like a dried lip crackhead...seriously things can go wrong here, but with a light hand I love it. Here's what I don't love, it settles into the lines of my lips even after aggressive exfoliating and with lip balm underneath and it starts wearing off before I get to the garage. Seriously YSL, what the hell? For $34 I expect to at least get to my destination without needing a touch up. Still I gotta say the packing makes it all worth while. Sometimes the only option is Short Term Luxury. Will I get another? If I fall in love with another color YES, YES...probably. Next stop, Guerlain because the idea of having my name engraved on my lipstick case is beyond.
YSL Rouge Volupte can be found here: http://yslbeautyus.com/.

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