Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What Next...

I have been dying to do something big. Turned 30...that's big but it really wasn't my doing. As long as God spared me, I was bound to get there. Got a tattoo -in an inconspicuous place- mission fail. Now I want another. Cut my hair...uhhh, I think not. I will not join the trend wagon. I had my hair cut off many years ago and refuse to do it again while it's the new hot thing and...well...growing hair out is a bitch so I think I'll pass. GO back to work...well it's in the works (hahaha) but gimme some more. I think I'm going dye my hair...not all of it just a few sections. Hopefully that will satiate me...please satiate me...at least for a little while.

This has been Shasta McNasty reporting from the ledge, ready to jump. Back to you valley bitches.

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