Sunday, May 3, 2009

Let's Not And Say We Did

At the gym...doing my old lady water aerobics, but that's another story, anywho, chick starts talking to me about boot camp and how great it is. Okay backtrack, she first starts by asking me if I'm seeing any change in my body so I said yes but it's covered by my fat (true story my body is changing but not strikingly visible). She makes a joke and we both laugh and then she goes in about boot camp. Now I'm aware of boot camp but I'm not into it but she goes on and on about it and then asks me if I'm going to go with her. WTF!@#$$@@ is the broad thinking? Truth is I don't know you so you'd be hard pressed to get me to walk to the locker room with you. In a stranger twist she starts to asks me about me eating habits and explains how she had to stop the fast food and really doesn't want it now that she's going to boot camp because she would feel to guilty yadda, yadda, yadda. Why my eating habits were relevant to her, I have no idea but the fast food she talks about rarely touches my least in the McDonalds, Burger King kind of way.
Dude, I'm all for innane chatter with gym people but lets not get too deep hence the title...Let's Not And Say We DID.

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