Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is why... computer has been sick lately. She caught a horrible virus that my Anti Virus software from Verizon neither detected, blocked, nor disinfected. I called Verizon and the gem that I spoke to advised that I needed to send my computer back to the manufacturer to have everything removed then reinstalled. Okay, strike number one! I called my manufacturer (DELL) and purchased some package for support because my warranty was O-V-A. Okay over $2oo later I was fixed, sorta. The very next day my poor baby was still sneezing (showing signs of illness) so I called back and it was fixed (again) but she was never the same. Now the damn computer can't/won't connect to the internet. It can't find my modem...I can't live like this. I'm on a borrowed laptop..eew. I need my computer. MY COMPUTER. I am so *insert 1,000,000,000 o's for effect* pissed. If Dell was going to do a half assed job, I could've used the money towards a new system. My anger is palpable. I have no desire to speak to one of my buddies from abroad for 2 hours so they can "fix" my computer again. I'm unemployed, I can't afford a new computer but what are my options here? I miss her...early mornings, late nights, saucy afternoons. We were an awesome team. Dell sucks, Verizon sucks...what am I gonna do. UGH!

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