Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are a few things that are plaguing me. If I can't take them to my anonymous blog that no one reads then where can they go..
Here goes:

1. Charlie Wilson says "conversate" in a song
I deal with all of his hipster behavior, his grown man braids but damnit Mr. Wilson You Dropped A Bomb On ME with that...Not cool Charlie, not cool

2. I think my friendships are a little suckie though some of it is my fault

3. I've been unproductive for the past 6 weeks. No writing, no shredding, no trip planning, no saving, no tossing, just a bunch of no

4. I asked a favor of my sister about three weeks ago. She still hasn't done it and it bothers me because if I were another someone with a name that starts with a "C" I don't think this would be the case

5. Horrible gas

6. My hair...ugh act right already

7. Reality dating shows, seriously enough

8. Necessary car repairs

9. Empty space where there should be an abundance of thought

argh. I guess I'm done.

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