Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hot Button Issue

Sexuality, particularly in the black community are taboo to put things lightly. I watched Cover yesterday after reading about it on another blog. I found it engaging - very engaging indeed.
I'd like to think that I would have noticed some of the non verbal cues being thrown out that the wife missed. There was just too much going on: sentences loaded with double entendres, secret looks, conversations that were clearly dancing around issues and things being left unsaid. My suspicion flag would have been waving high and proud, or so I think.

Still what really began to make me feel ill at ease in the movie and in real life is the need for living a secret life. My belief is that sexuality isn't a choice and it always amazes me that people believe that one is born heterosexual but chooses homosexuality. We are dynamic beings, spectacular even. The human body and mind, its inner workers are nothing short of amazing so how can we believe that we we're created as these divine beings, diverse and multi-faceted in every area save for sexuality.

Love is the most incredible thing in this world. Love of self, family, a quiet afternoon or your most high, personal savior - whatever you call him (or her) and I know that there is nowhere that LOVE is present that MY GOD is not.

So to all of my homosexual brethren, let your flags fly baby. Okay--ookay

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