Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This has been a glorious, tumultuous, inspiring, deflating year. 2008, we first met at a crossroads in my life. I was ready to take on new challenges and try new things but in a fit of haste I slipped back into the old. We made it through 3 quarters gliding and gleefully happy but alas the final quarter arrived and it was full of challenges of the personal and professional nature. Oh, Mr. 08, you engaged me in ways that I didn't anticipate and as you began to make your descent into oblivion I was jittery, wondering what more you could have to descend upon me and then the other shoe dropped - the other shoe being my job - but that's when I realized that you were getting me prepared for your successor. I now have the opportunity to complete the things we began in February. I still don't truly understand all that has happened but I am hopeful, happy and blessed so I bid you adieu and offer my sincerest thanks.

BroMance----seriously MTV! And why is Brody giving the elimination in a hot tub with an extended viewing of him dipping into the warm waters with oohs and aahhhs. Blah!

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