Wednesday, May 28, 2008


As I sit on my sofa watching HardBall and the discussion about the new McClellan book ( a definite must have) I'm thinking about the art of sharing. I love to read blogs be they beauty blogs or just taking a tour through someones life. I find it ridic interesting. Perhaps a voyeur lives in me and that voyeur likes to watch but I digress. There was a post on Single-ish (on Glamour Magazine's website) about the article in the NYT magazine about the blogger chick....I think her name is Emily. I don't read Gawker so I didnt know her until Monday (got the paper on Saturday but it took a while to get to it). Anywho, I'm thinking how much is too much? I read two very very candid blogs and I admire the courage that these women have, divulging things so deep and personal that I sometimes feel I should look away but I don't. I think that sharing yourself is a magnificent gift. Anyway I just have to say that I think sharing things so personal is courageous --- even for those who do it for all of the wrong reasons. You know whats more entertaining than the sharing.....its the people who become overzealous in their attacks on the blogger..............Here's a thought, If you don't like it don't read it.

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