Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why oh WHy?!?!

I love reading blogs. There are some great bloggers out there and I happen to think blogging is a viable creative medium, but why would I create one? Well there is no clearly defined answer. I think it may have something to do with the month I'm having. First I quit my job without looking for a new one first but you see I had to. My new boss was the worst and I could not, would not, refused to work with her or him (it's a duo that came in together) so I quit with no real remorse. I was happy and felt as if the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulder (yes just shoulder meaning singular, with no job life's not that airy). But wait, it gets better. Next I was in the early interview stages for a new job in sunny California which I've been dying to move to for years. Well that fell apart this morning and so did I --- well a little bit. So I decided to start channeling my frustrations with being newly unemployed and losing a job that I really wanted. Maybe sometime, in some place, someone will read this and offer words of encouragement but really I'm fine. Disappointed but still very excited about the overall prospects and happy with the feedback I'm getting from the network I've built over the past several years. I may never post again and delete this page or perhaps the musings will go on. Can I even call this musing or is it more like a constant thought stream....mental diarrhea if you will. Well the good news is Sephora is finally sending my G-D- order. For petes sake what took them soooooo long. I only ordered online because there was free shipping during the super bowl which totally rocked BTW and was majorly exciting. Whew...I think my non sequitar rant ends here............

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