Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who I May Never Be

I may never be a wife or a mother. I was once a fiance' and learned quickly that your dreams can suffocate you. I may never lose another pound. Maybe this is it. I may never again be the life of the party or the woman who's life is constantly morphed by the words of Oprah. I may never love as hard as I did the first time, maybe as deep but not as hard. I may never stop the tape in my head that makes jokes from things most find inane or sad or frightening. I may never feel full at the table of friendship. Maybe I'll never leave NY, trapped forever in this sick relationship. On second thought, maybe I will. Maybe I'll always think of the right things to say at the wrong time. Maybe...just maybe.


Andrea said...

maybe one day i'll be able to afford the clothes you post. LOL

JairMadison said...

Me too!