Monday, August 1, 2011

New Month, New You

30 day cardio challenge is now in effect. Truly, I was initially worried. Work out for 30 days straight. o_O. Not so much.  Fortunately (read: unfortunately) its about changing your diet and clean eating. Nothing fried, no alcohol, drink half your weight in water (oz's) everyday. I get close with the water and I don't eat fried. Saying no to vodka and wine for the next thirty days will prove to be challenging but I'm up for it. I do need to get some movement in though. Super bloated the past 4 days. Also, its AUGUST. When did that happen?! I am baffled by the speed of life. Baffled I tell ya. Guess its time for my August crazy to settle in...and my August hustle. Let's get it!

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