Monday, July 25, 2011

hand wash only

i may never be the most polished person in the room. sometimes i laugh too loud and too long. i am occasionally awkward and by occasionally i mean often. sometimes i down my c&c's (cognac and cranberry) while my counterparts sip and i never pass on dessert if cheesecake is on my mind. sometimes my makeup last all day and others it runs at the first sign of a rising mercury. i have made decisions that are cringe worthy and i'm still figuring it out but i'm loyal and loving. i demand a lot from a friend but i put so much more in. i need girl time to walk around, laugh, drink too many iced coffees and vodka rocks. i need to have serious conversations about the mundane and frivolous conversations about all things serious. i'm going to be there for you and i need you to do the same. sometimes i'm going to shut down and close up. i'm a cancer. i need you to push forward anyway. things will test the mettle of our friendship but if its true, it lasts. if you know me, you know me. if not, lets stop this facade. no more wash and wear friendships. its time for high quality, handmade fabrics. i am many things and i'm okay with that.

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