Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dia Seis y Siete

WOW. Just like that I forgot day 6. Oops. Here goes:

6. This is not only a pet I would like to have but its also I pet I did have. His name was Blueberry. I called him Blue because Blueberry felt like the name of a stripper. He's dead now. This is the only pet I feel fully capable of caring for. Here's to you Blue.

7. My dream wedding. Hmm. Well there would be minimal people and maximum food and alcohol. Good food and top shelf alcohol as well as wine. There will be flowers and music that is out of this least by my standards. And those of my beau. Because he is a major part of the shindig. 1980's hip-hop and r&b will be factors. So will 80's pop. I was going to include pictures but blogger started spazzing so picture this, Sicily 1918. Oh, that's right. I'm not Sophia Petrillo. But rustic table, tea lights, etc. I have some inspiration photos on Pinterest. I adore Pinterest. Seriously, its a beast. But I'd love a google+ invite. Just because I don't have one. FIN.

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