Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And So The Story Continues

I'm interrupting my 30 day challenge for a very important message but this is a post and still counts :)

Though feminism has changed the way women view the world and themselves, it often feels as if the world has turned feminism into a new kind of lip gloss. The daring insistence of early feminists that a woman is beautiful just as she naturally appears has been rewritten in a commercial translation as the Natural Look. The horrible irony of this, of course, that only a handful of women have the Natural Look naturally. Most of us have flaws that must be disguised if we are to resemble the beautiful models setting the standard - a fact the beauty industry is banking on.

That is a short passage from Wendy Chapkis' Beauty Secrets. Published in 1986 and still relevant. Do I wear makeup? Yes. Do I dabble in the No Makeup, Makeup look. Surely. Do I think this makes me look as fresh faced as a 22 year old. Uh, NO. I'm still completely lucid. Just thought I'd share as I revisit this book I first read 13 yrs ago.
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