Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Absolutely Not!

First, let me start by addressing the comma situation yesterday. I know. It was borderline crazed. I'm keeping em.CommaCommaCommaCommaCommacameleon. Actually that's not the song. It was Karma Cameleon. Or something like that. Off to the subject at hand. I refuse to pick my favorite musician. I love music too much. I simply will not do it. But here are some of my faves.

John Mayer - Because his lyrics speak to me, he's sick on the guitar, I own all of his albums...well not all but damn near and he's nice to look at. But being nice to look at means shit. What means something is the lyrics to Wheel, or Something's Missing or Stop This Train. Or words like: Who do you love, girl I see through, through your love - Who do you love, me or the thought of me, me or the thought of me. And lyrics like - Done with broken people - Okay in the interest of time, I will stop myself but I love John Mayer. Hate me later.
Anita Baker- No explanation needed
The Fray - When you're older, you will understand (Any fans of the The Fray will immediately get it. Not like its much to get. Those were just lyrics used out of context.

Point is, I could on and on. I love music. Any kind of music. I love music. Just as long as its groovin. Ha Ha. I threw in The Ojays. Gangsta. Lets add a video for jammings sake.

CLOSER TO THE EDGE...dare to jump

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