Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Let's knock this out and start off day 6 right.

3. Perfect first date? Simple. Easy. Casual. Morning, correction early morning, coffee and pastry, croissant, rugelach on the beach. Lets walk the board walk and have an easy conversation. It's lovely when it's early and quiet. If we like one another maybe we'll head to Barnes and Noble to scour the discount shelf. Still feeling it? How about more coffee, they are attached to B&N or grab some cocktails/a matinee/lunch. Point is, I'll be casual and you should be too. No pressured romantic dinners. Seriously dude, not interested.

4. Photo of my best friend? Sorry, don't have one. Boo-hoo for me. My sis and mom count in this category. I do have good friends but best. Nope.

5. Photo of me two years ago. BAM:

Little info: this was heat damaged hair that had to go so...its gone. Oh and this isn't quite 2 years ago.

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