Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Window Shopping

Just because I'm not buying doesn't mean I can't look. The joys of getting older include being firmly rooted, at least in some areas. For me, it's being decidedly unshakeably sure about what I love in a man. While I don't have a "type" there are things that draw me in. Truly.

First up, swagger, which translates to the way a man carries himself. There's a certain confidence that a man who knows himself and is comfortable in his skin exudes. Yes, yes and YES. Physicality means nothing in the prescence of aura.

Then there's the non creepy, sexy wink. Hopefully you've experienced it. He enters a room that you're on the other side of. There are salutations to be made as he makes his way to you but he wants you to know he see's you and is making his way over. He offers a wink with a smile that gets your heart palpatating. Yes sir.

Speaking of smiles, what makes a man's smile sexy - any smile really- is when it travels to the eyes, lighting up his face. A nice set of teeth don't hurt either.

Next we have the well fitted suit. This really requires not explanation but let me just say, IT SHOULD BE TAILORED TO FIT. Lawd Have Mercy. Which leads me to nice shoes. As of woman of 30+, I date men in the same age range (hypothetically of course as I can't seem to buy a date these days). You should have shoes. No excuses. I don't care if you wear your shoes with jeans and your chucks with the suit. Just have them. We're all grown-ups here.


I can be intoxicated and turned on by a scent...hell we all can. It has been proven that scents trigger memories fellas, so lets create good ones. Body chemistry is important - hell everything smells good on my mom while my strong scent can make anything smell like sweaty muskrat- so choose the right scent for you. Even if it's just soap. *side bar* a man in freshly laundered clothes that smells of nothing but a nice woodsy soap - swooning-DANGER. Take your time to figure it out but do take your scent seriously.

Rounding out of list:

A man should have a sense of humor that is his own. I love to laugh and I want to laugh with my guy.

Finally, I need a man who can listen with his heart. Sometimes I don't need saving or a word of logic. I just need to know you hear me and you care.

If a man has these qualities, most everything else is negotiable.
Next up, what I look for after we get past the surface layers.

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