Sunday, March 14, 2010

And So The Story Goes

I was minding my business last week, lying on the bed, wasting time. Out of nowhere I decided I needed to cut my hair because it was bothering me. I did. This didn't help. In a writers/what the hell am I doing with my life/fuck off funk yesterday, I decided I needed to cut my hair. This time I went all the way. After the first snip, I lost my nerve but the first cut was the deepest so I had to keep going. Here's my story in photos.

I started here

and journeyed here *bear in mind this hair is stretched post cut*

oh no, what have I done...well I gotta keep going

okay, its getting better buuut

Moral of the Story

Don't cut your hair in the midst of a funk. I still haven't finished shaping this and although I can appreciate it, I want my puff back. I'll update when the cut is done.

*All photographs belong to me...well obviously but seriously, all photos suck because they were taken with my geriatric curve because my rechargable Energizer batteries SUCK...seriously, from day one, I've gotten like 2 minutes of photo time. *
It appears my seriously diet is null.

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