Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'll bite

4:51 a.m.
I woke up at 1 and immediately went to because I'm on a mission to go through her archives *side bar- this is an annoying habit that I have for any new blog that I discover and sort of like*. Now that 5 is upon me I'm hungry and avoiding taking down the french onion soup from dinner last night because...really who eats at 5 am unless its breakfast. Being up from the middle of the night till the early morning is hazardous to my health. Why, you ask? Because it makes me wanna eat BECAUSE hunger inevitably sets in. So I'm sitting here singing Pumps and a Bump in my head while finishing up Maegans site and singing my favorite M.C. Hammer line - no seriously, I sing this one throughout the week: I don't want 'em figgedy fat, I want 'em stiggedy stacked cause you're wiggedy wiggedy whack if you ain't got biggedy back. Ridiculous, I know but I sing this at least 4 times a week and I'm thinking, dude you're figgedy fat. After gaining happy relationship weight then sad break up weight then fuck this shit weight I am pretty damn portly but damn it I can at least let my french onion soup remain intact until the sun rises. Maybe I should turn of this damn computer, but who am I kidding?
Cheers M.C. Hammer - Pumps and a Bump, Pumps and a Bump, we like the girls with them Pumps and a Bump - seriously mind, keeper of all things, WHY do you remember this?

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