Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lesson Learned, Learning Applied

And so the story goes: I said something to a friend which obviously offended her. Rather than address it with me she held on to some misguided anger. What I said was meant in jest but lets not get into it, let's just say she didn't understand that it was a joke which, I gotta say, made me wonder if you can truly know me and be my friend and NOT know I was joking but once again I digress. The point is this made me recall Lesson #4 from my lessons of my 20's:

Sometimes you'll do something to hurt a friends feelings (inadvertently I hope) but the friends that matter will forgive you before you even know you need forgiving.

So I let go (Lesson #1 of my 20's) and kept it moving. I guess we weren't good friends after all. Still it's nice to see I'm remembering my lessons.

Look ma, no hands.

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