Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kicking it into high gear

I had a marvelous weekend...two in fact. Last weekend I went Mac'N...HARD. Like so hard that the register just kept going and going but it felt good. This weekend I went to an event that was primarily for professional networking, which I did none of, but I enjoyed some great work. Anywho, it was lovely. I hung of with momma and she rocks but I haven't been motivated. I've been writing but not nearly as much as I should be annnnd I've been on the internet way too much - even though its been boring me to death so I decided, I need to do something my to do list and I chose the path of least resistance. You now have an abbreviated accounting of the blogs I check out several times a week. I didn't go through all of them but hey, its a start. I think its best that I sign off now before the punctuation police come and get me.

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