Friday, August 14, 2009

August Rundown

Greetings Buccaneers. Welcome to the August rundown. Here goes it:

1. Chase has hiked up my interest rate. I knew this was the case but ran from seeing how high. Ay, Dios mio Chase. Just another reason to hate you. Our banking business is soon to be DONE.

2. Back in the Rotten Apple. I missed it but I hate it. What an ill dichotomy.

3. Things sparking my lust: fall, skinny jeans, grown out hair, new make up collections, heels and boots...hell all things fashion. In the grand tradition of me, I've moved on to my new obsession.

4. Now what? Want to move, out of state. Back to work but where.

5. Life is so worth living. Not just existing but living. My existence hasn't been stretched to its full potential. That's about to change. I have 21 days to create a new habit. This I promise to me.

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