Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tweet Much...

I think that there is too much sharing going on or shall I say over sharing. I joined twitter over a year ago and started to use it as on outlet for tiny bursts of my random musings but lately...lately I'm thinking enough already. Enough about your lunch, my thoughts, grandma's pie. Enough of it all. It occurs to me that I don't want to tweet anymore. It occurs to me that I no longer feel inspired to tweet. It occurs to me that I feel disconnected. I'm telling you, I'm only one week in but I feel weighted differently. No, I didn't wake up a new woman. I'm still zany and crazy and silly...all dat but tides are shifting. When I imagined what this day would look like 5-7 years ago, it was nothing like this but somehow this is sweeter.

My mistakes have cursed me
My movements too slow
Somehow I've let my sweet essence go


I wake up everyday knowing I have to clean up and get going. I've outgrown a shell that I still allow to encase me but there are no longer any sane excuses for these allowances. 30 is my breath of fresh air, my slap in the face, my promise to me and the fulfillment of the promise God has bestowed. I'm gonna turn on Zhanes' For a Reason and wait for the gentle lull of sleep.

Until next time this has been Scooby Don't reporting live from the magic of 30.

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