Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aaah..the 90's

As I drove from the mall today, I shut off the ipod and listened to the radio and to my surprise I was treated to K7 - Louder Than Love and it made me think. I remember listening to Louder Than Love and Come Baby Come. I was a smaller Nina then...but no where near as wise. Damn those freaking 90's went by so fast. Das Efx, K7, K-Solo, 112. All Sheryl Crow wanted to do was have some fun and New York Undercover was entertaining. The glory days of my terri cloth short set from NY&Co when they were Lerners. My platform Birkenstock from Wild Pair. The joy of my black lip stick and black nails and black hair while wearing the scent of my youth, Beautiful. s
I miss the 90's and I think I'm ready for love...just a little bit. I'm now open to dating...sorta.

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